greek potato salad

I’m generally not a huge fan of potato salads, or potatoes – with the exception of sweet potatoes – for that matter, but this is definitely an exception. Perhaps if you throw in green beans, feta, and kalamata olives I can be convinced to eat anything, but this? I’m still longing for the leftovers. And that never happens in my world.

Maybe I like it so much because it is essentially the opposite of your typical potato salad, found in every deli counter, but I’d rather think it’s because it doesn’t contain a week’s worth of mayo per serving. Not to mention that it just tastes perfect.

Go ahead, make this for your next picnic or summer BBQ – I can assure you that it will go over well with any crowd. And if you have any leftovers? I’ll happily accept them. 🙂

Thanks to Georgene for sharing this delicious recipe!

Greek Potato Salad – 6-8 servings

Boil potatoes until tender. Drain water from pan. Pour 1/2 cup dressing over hot potatoes and mix so all potatoes are coated with dressing. Set aside and let cool.

Steam green beans until tender-crisp. Cut into 2 inch pieces. Let cool.

Pour remaining dressing (1/4 cup) over remaining ingredients and toss together.



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10 responses to “greek potato salad

  1. Tut

    i know this is a favorite of many – kathy p, dan and me, and now one of the newest fans is morgan!

  2. Tes

    The recipe seems really great for dinner. Those salad pictures are really inspiring.

  3. I’m with you, I usually don’t care for potatoes unless they are sweet potatoes. This looks fabulous!

  4. That looks absolutely phenomenal. I love potatoes, but potato salad freaks me out because of the mayo. This sounds like a really great alternative, though, and so summery!

  5. This looks incredibly tasty! I wonder if it would taste equally tasty as a warm potato salad. Hmmm… thanks for sharing this recipe!

  6. Kate

    feta and olives are a magical combination!

  7. I love Newman’s Ceasar dressing! But I’ve never used it for potato salad (usually I marinate veggies in it and then grill them – amazing). This sounds SO good.

  8. actorsdiet

    yummy! i bet these would be insane with some greek lemon potatoes too!

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