ask the nutritionist: buying bread

Choosing a loaf of bread in the endless bread aisle can be confusing and down-right overwhelming!

It doesn’t have to be though, with a few quick tips and key things to look for you can leave the store with a wholesome loaf of bread, without spending a ton of time!

  • 100% Whole Grain – look for the whole-grain stamp and check the ingredients, the first few ingredients should at least be whole-grain
  • No sugar or high fructose corn syrup (If a sweetener is in the bread, it should not be in the first 5 ingredients)
  • Each slice should have at least 2-3 grams of fiber and 2-3 grams of protein – the combination of protein and fiber will help fill you up
  • All-Natural or Organic is always a bonus – long ingredient lists with tons of preservatives is never a good thing

I generally stick with sprouted bread and my beloved hemp bagels which are often found in the freezer, depending on the store. (And baguettes made with white flour on special occasions 🙂 )

What kind of bread do you buy?



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12 responses to “ask the nutritionist: buying bread

  1. Haha, so I know you have a slight “preference” for certain brands of bread. But you have to admit – going into Great Harvest for that [half-loaf sized] “sample” slice is fantassstic! 😀

  2. we buy a local bakery’s 9 grain bread most of the time.

    Hemp bagels? I’ve never seen those! I’ll have to see if I can find them around here.

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  4. I usually buy Rudi’s Organic 100% whole wheat for sandwiches, and make everything else from scratch. 🙂

  5. Thanks for all the tips. I usually go by the ingredient list, make sure it’s whole wheat, and has a good amount of fiber. There are literally so many options out there-it’s a little ridiculous!

  6. I love buying sprouted bread. I want to try millet bread, but haven’t yet…and those hemp bagels sound great too!!

  7. Thanks for the tips! 🙂 I always get overwhelmed in the bread aisle!

  8. actorsdiet

    great tips. how i adore bread!!!

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