Brat Fest

This weekend marks one of Wisconsin’s favorite holidays, Brat-Fest. Which means more brats are consumed in the next three days then most of the country can even imagine. But when in Wisconsin, complete with Capital Brewery beer, you know anything is possible.

The wonderful thing about this event – besides eating multiple brats, hot dogs and even veggie dogs is that the money made goes to support local charities. Something I’ll even eat a brat to, if for some reason I started needing excuses.

Growing up in Wisconsin, I certainly had my fair share of brats, mainly during the summer months, when grilling is a must, and brats are plentiful. I picked up these brats at the local Meat Market in my home town, because, let’s face it,  brats are just better when they come from Wisconsin. 😉

Enjoy your long weekend and if you are in Wisconsin, be sure to celebrate with a brat!



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16 responses to “Brat Fest

  1. Brats are tasty. I’ll have mine with half a bottle of dijon mustard, please.

  2. actorsdiet

    i want a brat!

  3. Happy Memorial day weekend Emily! Can’t wait to see the yummy eats and drinks.

  4. You want to hear something weird? I never heard of brats until I met my husband! What a sheltered life I was living!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Fun! I love a good brat 🙂 Especially a Wisconsin brat!

  6. I am pretty much a non-meat eating but that looks really good!
    I want a BBQ! haha
    Have a great weekend!

  7. no “weekend” whatsoever for me 😦 working all three days!! i AM going to farmers market tomorrow morning though.. and their brats are pretty damn good if you ask me!

  8. i could never eat this because i’m annoyingly picky…but i’m still drooling over it.


    xo Alison

  9. Kate

    brats are so good! i have always been a sausage lover which i attribute to my german roots. top a brat with some ‘kraut and mustard and i am a happy girl 🙂

  10. Well I will be no where near Wisconsin but those look so good I may have to have a Brat tomorrow at my house! 🙂

  11. I have no idea why but I am just not a brat girl. I even flushed one down the toilet once when I was little because my mom tried to make me eat one for dinner (somehow I convinced her to let me eat upstairs, and down the toilet it went). But I’ll get a good hotdog! ha. Hope you have a fab weekend!

  12. i just love it when good food is promoted for charity 🙂 best of both worlds!!
    looks delicious!

  13. So now I know my first meal when I visit the area. 😉 These look great! We’ve been getting some tasty brats from a farm near by. I love them simmered in beer, butter and onions!

  14. Ahh! Love it! I was in Madison this weekend to see friends and run the half marathon! I did not make it to bratfest sadly but I did eat my fair share of bbq goods…

    Hope yours was a good one!

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