iced tea & lemonade

If you’ve ever had a shaken iced tea from Starbucks, you know just where I’m going here.  Like most coffee-house drinks it comes complete with a squirt of sugar – and like most drinks you can request it without the sugar, which I always do. I got mine with just a splash of lemonade which adds the perfect amount of flavor!

I know I’ll be making batches of this iced tea & lemonade throughout the summer, perfect for pool-side sipping!

Iced Tea with Lemonade

Brew tea in large pitcher and let cool. I used 4 of each tea bags. Serve over ice and sip slowly. Best served in the sun!



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17 responses to “iced tea & lemonade

  1. aka the Arnie Palmer… but we’ve had a bunch of people at the restaurant lately ordering their iced tea with a “splash” of lemonade! our black iced tea is unsweetened, and our hybiscus (sp?) raspberry is sweetened with stevia. our lemonade *does* have sugar, but it’s fresh squeezed!! you should swing by soon!

  2. Mo

    I love Arnold Palmers and love your idea of mixing up the teas like that.

  3. Yep, my husband orders the Arnold Palmer when we go to restaurants. He really enjoys them but I’ve never tried it. Next time I’m going to take a sip of his drink:)

  4. This sounds so refreshing!!! I love this idea!

  5. I love mixing the two but have never tried it with other flavors, I will need to get some of the Tazo Iced Teas.

  6. Yummm I need to make this! My boyfriend buys those Arnold Palmer and loves them, but I have never tried it.

  7. i love this recipe! i accidentally bought some blueberry green tea that is awful alone, i saved it in hopes of finding a good summer drink recipe. here it is!

  8. YUM! I’m for sure trying this!

  9. Oh man, that looks tasty! Too bad its still so cold here (damn SF weather!). Once it starts warming up, I’m making a pitcher.

  10. Great idea! I love the iced passion teas at Starbucks…this will probably be better on my wallet as well. Perfect summer drink!

  11. savoringsarah

    Yummmm. Love it. Currently obsessed with an Apricot Caramel Torte tea that I found at teavana. SOOO good.

  12. thehealthyjunky

    This sounds soo refreshing! I love Tazo tea’s especially the Passion one. That’s the only one I ever get at Starbucks!

  13. I NEED to make this to bring to work with me. At least I can pretend I am sitting by the pool while I am working with 27 kids! This looks so refreshing!

  14. Sounds good.. Specially on a HOT day like today 🙂

  15. yay for an arnold palmer! that’s what my dad calls it – apparently the ol’ ice tea + lemonade is a drink made famous by a golfer. go figure.

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