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I don’t talk about tea a lot on the blog, but trust me when I say that tea is a huge part of my life. I drink tea everyday, throughout the day – mostly green and herbal but I have also been known to enjoy chai tea lattes on occasion. I drink tea to stay warm in the winter, to signal the end of a meal, as an afternoon pick-me up, for antioxidants and because sometimes I need something to help with an upset tummy, too much stress or to help me sleep at night.

And as much as I love tea, I know you all do to! Celestial Seasonings has offered one of my readers a major tea package:

  • 4 wellness teas to ease cold and flu symptoms
  • 2 green teas to support a healthy immune system
  • a mug, lip balm, honey sticks, Sleepytime bear and the book “Herbs for Health & Happiness” by Celestial Seasonings founder Mo Siegel and Nancy Burke

Obviously I love their  sugar cookie sleigh ride, but also recently tried their am detox and after a night out, complete with wine and fries, and I felt a bit detoxified – it could have been the placebo effect, it could have worked, but whatever the reasoning, I’ll continue using it. Read up on some of the health benefits of tea here.

How to win:

  • leave a comment with your favorite tea
  • tweet about the give-away @nutritionisteat (leave a comment so an additional entry is given)
  • post the give-away on your blog (leave comment so an additional entry is given)

I’ll choose the winner via random number integer on Sunday April 4th. Good luck and happy sipping!

Edited to add:

And the winner is….# 14.

Karla at Foodologie! Karla, please send me your mailing address and I will get your prize mailed out!



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27 responses to “tea give-away

  1. Tut

    I feel like Celestial Seasoning teas and me have come full circle! Last century, back in the lates 70s or early 80s I used to taste and rate their loose packed teas, and would receive cards as a thank you. Fast forward to the new century, and here is my daughter’s blog and Celestial Seasonings joining together to offer teas to readers!
    Time marches on and we connect or re-connect, as it feels to me.

  2. Tut

    Oh, my favorite: Mo’s 24! Always and forever.
    But, just Sunday night I had some chamomile.

  3. Amy Gallagher

    My favorite Celestial Seasonings tea is Peppermint after dinner. But during the holidays, my favorite is gingerbread. I haven’t been able to find the sugar cookie tea but will be on the hunt next November!:-)

  4. Jen B

    I’m convinced they put crack in the sugar cookie sleigh ride – its so addicting!

  5. Anne B.

    Absolute favorite….peppermint!

  6. As much as I love wine, I also love tea. Sugar cookie sleigh ride, and vanilla sleepy time are my fav Celestial teas. I would love to try the am detox!

  7. Jackie

    I love mixing the honey vanilla chamomile with sleepytime vanilla, it’s the perfect combination after dinner.

  8. Kristin

    I love their blueberry green tea. I drink a lot of it in the winter (for breakfast, to feel warm, etc) but am not a huge tea drinker in the summer. I would love to try making iced tea though!

  9. Michelle

    India Spice Chai is my favorite .. love all things chai! What a great giveaway!

  10. actorsdiet

    i love chai tea. but i think ginger tea is something i never get sick of.

  11. Caroline

    Sleepy time tea is my fav of celestial seasonings!

  12. Good Earth Sweet and Spicy is amazing and I also love Tazo Cinnamon Spice.

  13. I looooove sugar cookie sleigh ride! But the gingerbread tea is also delicious!

  14. cmb0096

    I love tea! My favorite is peppermint–simple but soooooo good 🙂


  15. I love tea, too! My all-time favorite is Yogi’s Ginger, but I do love the “Candy Cane Lane” from Celestial Seasonings! We also always have peppermint and chamomile on hand, as well as a basic green and black. Dan likes tea a lot, too!

  16. I am the basic black tea drinker, nothing fancy. Every now and then I will get into some peppermint tea though! Mmmm!

  17. Sadye

    I LOVE the candy cane lane holiday tea. I’m obsessed!

  18. Sadye

    I tweeted! (sadeV)

  19. Oooh, I love this giveaway! I have to admit that I am not tea-faithful. I have an overflowing cabinet of tea. Right now I am obsessed with Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice. Very indulgent with plenty of milk and sugar!

  20. Ashlei

    Favorite tea is probably any by the Tea Spot, especially Meditative Mind! 🙂 Awesome giveaway!!

  21. H. Lew

    My favorite tea is oolong. It helps with your digestive system if you eat a heavy meal. I tried the Celestial Seasonings and love it. The prizes look great too.

  22. I love too many teas to name one but in the summer I become a huge Red Zinger fan. Great giveaway.

  23. ikkinlala

    My favourite tea is peppermint.

  24. AWESOME GIVEAWAY. i don’t mention it either, but i drink tea AT LEAST once a day. my current fave is a mix of green tea + emergen-c…you know, to ward off those spring colds 🙂

  25. I am looking this type of topics, I need more informations about Green Tea Stuffs.Thanks!

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