orechiette with kale & bacon

Kale is becoming a staple in our house. We’ll have it as a side dish, for breakfast, in salads, as chips and now in pasta but I must say that sauteed is my favorite.  Simplicity is key for kale in my book! A bit of olive oil, a touch of sea salt  and a hot pan is all it takes.

In addition to the greens, I wanted to add a little extra flavor with the bacon and let’s be real, bacon adds nothing but good things. 😉

Orechiette with Kale & Bacon makes 2-3 servings

Cook bacon until crisp, about 2 minutes per side,  in large pan. Set aside and drain oil from pan. Cook pasta as directed and set aside. Add olive oil to pan and add kale, garlic and salt & pepper. Saute kale for about 2 minutes and add pasta to pan. Toss until combined. Top with freshly grated parmesan if desired.



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8 responses to “orechiette with kale & bacon

  1. i LOVE how simple and absolutely delicious this dish looks. i don’t know how you manage to keep coming up with all these fab ideas!

  2. savoringsarah

    Orechiette is my FAVE pasta shape 🙂

  3. Michelle

    I haven’t tried Kale yet but it’s definitely going on my shopping list for next week. This looks like it might be good with gnocci, also.

  4. actorsdiet

    i love kale too. the only way i can get my hubz to eat it and enjoy it is in kale chip form, but he also loves m cafe’s version – you should try to make it sometime:

  5. great, i have some bacon in the freezer that i can use up!

  6. I always forget about orechiette. This dish looks simply amazing.

  7. Agreed, bacon DOES make everything taste better 😀 But I really do NOT enjoy kale. I think if I made this I’d substitute the kale with a different leafy green, hehe.

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