Vegan PB Blondies

I was lucky enough to receive a sampling of stevia products from NuNaturals. I have been a fan of stevia for quite some time, but I have never baked with it before. (Considering that I just started baking last month, could be part of the reason) While I was paging through all of the recipes that they sent along, one recipe in particular stood out. Vegan Peanut Butter Blondies. I’ve seen Mama Pea’s baking skills time and time again, and although I don’t have two cute helpers, I knew I was going to have to try this recipe, even if I was all on my own.

I love the idea of a whole-grain, low-sugar treat that I can feel good about eating. And I love that you can replace some of the sugar with stevia. NuNaturals baking blend is such a genius idea! I would try adding a little less stevia next time, because there was a hint of that stevia flavor that I don’t particularly care for – definitely not enough for me to not eat the remaining bars however! I can’t wait to try some more recipes with stevia and I’m also looking for some samplers, my freezer can’t handle anymore frozen cookies, bars and desserts!

Have you baked with stevia before? What have you made?



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8 responses to “Vegan PB Blondies

  1. i just got some stevia and was thinking about how i could bake with it, now i know!!

  2. I’ve never baked with stevia! I should give it a try! These look amazing!!

  3. actorsdiet

    i’ve never baked with stevia. i actually gave away that baking blend from nunaturals. dang!

  4. These look great! I’m a sucker for anything with peanut butter. I have never baked with stevia but I was talking with my step-dad about it the other day. He makes a kind of granola bar using stevia that sounds great. I’m going to have to get some of the baking mix and give it a try!

  5. I haven’t baked with stevia, I actually didn’t realize you could. I usually use some turbinado sugar or even maple syrup sometimes. These blondies look SO good!

  6. Kate

    i do not believe when you say you are not a baker! your stuff sound so yummy and turns out picture perfect. i am jealous!

    i’ve never baked with stevia before. i’ve tried it in coffee and didn’t care for the taste at all. but you don’t get that in the bars?

    • Well honestly, I didn’t even have flour in my cupboards a few months ago!!!
      I don’t use it in my coffee (sometimes just one drop) because I don’t really like my coffee sweet and I don’t like the aftertaste but it was very slight in the bars (and it may be because it was in my head too, I’m not sure I would have noticed had I not known)

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