in my cupboard: kashi heart to heart

I don’t eat cereal for breakfast. Ever. It just doesn’t work for me – it leaves me hungry about 10 minutes after eating it and I cannot be hungry before my morning commute has even started! Now this is not to say that I don’t enjoy cereal – I actually love it and lately I’ve been buying Kashi’s Heart to Heart cereal. I just don’t have it for breakfast.

I prefer my cereal at night as a snack/dessert and some hearts with almond milk are my current obsession. It isn’t overly sweet, but sweet enough to feel like dessert! Since I do treat it as a dessert I don’t mind the sugar content, but it is a pet-peeve of mine that so many cereals (even natural and organic ones) have so much sugar in them! Is it really necessary?

Question: Are you able to eat cereal in the morning without being hungry right after you eat?



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12 responses to “in my cupboard: kashi heart to heart

  1. For some reason cereal does fill me up. Of course, I have a huge bowl and put lots of high fiber bran cereals, granola and clusters all in there. It usually holds me 4-4/12 hours.

  2. Like you, cereal will not keep me full for very long. I will eat it if I’m short on time or if I know I have a meal planned shortly after I eat breakfast and I intentianally don’t want to fill up, but don’t want to be starving in the meantime.

  3. I don’t just eat cereal, I will mix it with things or use it for a snack.

  4. Molly

    i usually eat cereal…10 bowls at a time. I love it so much on top of the fact I NEVER get full.

  5. I haven’t had cereal in more than a year! That is intresting that you still feel hungry afterwards

  6. I love cereal, and it does fill me up for breakfast. I just have to make sure it has plenty of fiber. If its low on fiber then I get hungry.

  7. I don’t have cereal for breakfast either. I used to eat it all the time but would be starving an hour after I ate it!
    Lot of “healthy looking food” actually has a high sugar content. It is so important to check out the Nutritional info on everything!

  8. I’m the same way with cereal. I’m just never hungry afterwards. so now I use it with greek yogurt as a snack or dessert.

  9. I haven’t bought boxed cereal in a long time, probably years. I make my own granola, which if I decide to have it for breakfast, does a pretty good job of filling me up! I enjoy the granola with full-fat (!) plain yogurt and blueberries.

    Know what breakfast doesn’t work for me? Oatmeal. It usually gives me heartburn, and even though I eat until I feel almost uncomfortably stuffed, I’m hungry again in an hour. Actually, I have this “hungry in an hour” problem with most breakfasts. Fat-filled breakfasts seem to be the only ones that keep me full until lunch — yogurt with nut-filled granola, whole-grain peanut butter toast, Pro bars, etc. Sigh!

    • It is so interesting to me that everyone is so different on what works for them! I have just started embracing oatmeal again – but always with nut butter for some fat! I like fat in the morning too!

  10. I totally can’t eat cereal without feeling hungry. I am not a huge breakfast person, but cereal just doesn’t cut it for me. I find that I feel better with a little bit of fruit+protein.

  11. I NEVER get full from cereal. It is probably due to the fact that I exercise first thing in the morning though. I like to have it mixed in with yogurt for a snack! Yum!

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