cheese markers

My friends clearly know me well. And they know what gifts will get a lot of use. For example, these cheese markers from Pottery Barn. While I have only used them once since receiving them, I will be using them every time here after when I have any sort of  involvement with a cheese tray. Which, if you can imagine, happens quite often.

I love being able to label the cheeses with the variety, kind of milk used and the origin of the cheese. I can’t wait to use them again – Thanks Mary Beth!

What is your favorite kitchen-gadget of the minute?



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14 responses to “cheese markers

  1. tut

    Dan loves his hand held blender – he makes smoothies with it.
    I love the battery operated whisker – it’s so easy to make a latte. Tut

  2. Oh how fun! I’ve never seen those there, but will be on the lookout for them!

  3. these are adorable! i have wanted to have a wine + cheese party FOR FOREVER. maybe if i buy these, that will give me a reason to do just that!!!

  4. I’ve seen these in the catalog. Great for get togethers!

  5. Gahh! Adorable, I love it. I have been dying to throw a wine & cheese party for my gf’s sometime soon, so now I know what I will HAVE to get for that 🙂

    My new fav kitchen gadget is the rolling garlic chopper I blogged about a couple posts ago! OBSESSED!

  6. I have never seen those cheese markers, not that I have ever looked. Very convenient.

  7. Molly

    Love it! and I love the cheese 🙂

  8. I still, and will always, love my kitchen aid mixer. Best Gift Ever!

  9. Those are a great idea. Our hosts could have used those at the Super Bowl party this past weekend! 🙂 My fave gadget is my aerolatte milk frother. A small thing, but when I use it for my morning coffee it is like a latte without the work. Party in a cup!

  10. i am so glad you like the emily! i didn’t know if they would be too heavy–but it didn’t look so. i feel like i am in dire need of kitchen gadgets. i am hoping my registry will be filled with plenty of goodies mentioned above!

  11. actorsdiet

    i just got a bench scraper to help me move stuff i chop into the pot easier. so simple, but so useful!

  12. Favorite gadget? Wow, that’s a hard one. I used to work at Kitchen Window, so I definitely have my favorites . . . Soyabella soymilk maker . . . Bamix stick blender . . . MAC santoku . . . Lamson Sharp fish turner . . . “Switchit” silicone scrapers from Cuisipro . . . oval measuring cups and spoons . . . perforated colander I have from “Endurance” . . . Beehouse teapot . . . Epicurean cutting boards . . . Toddy cold brew coffee maker . . . stop the madness!!!!! 🙂

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