Things are looking better…

…for school lunches. Between my work at Camp Endeavor and my passion for real, whole foods, I have always hoped that the quality of our school lunches would improve.


And two women in California are making this happen. Kristin Richmond and Kristen Tobey started Revolution Foods, which began as a graduate school project and has turned into a school meal program that serves more than 40,000 lunches daily. There are fruits and vegetables at every meal, no artificial ingredients, no trans fats or HFCS and the milk and meat is hormone and antibiotic free. Whenever it is possible, organic and locally sourced ingredients are used.

An example of a meal? All-natural honey-glazed chicken with roasted potatoes and garlic braised collard greens.

Sounds good to me! I don’t think we give kids enough credit. They are willing to eat and try more foods than we think! But I think this program is definitely a step in the right direction. Read the full New York Times article here.

What do you think of school lunches?



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7 responses to “Things are looking better…

  1. that is great to hear there are companies out there focused on this, now if can get government more involved!

    p.s. i paired your Roasted Cauliflower with apple smoked ham and sweet potato fries — it was sooo good!

  2. This is great news! I really hope this goes nation wide. The healthier school food is the better!

  3. Molly

    School lunches used to be SO bad. I can recall some pretty bad menus (and they still are. I make a point of checking out the school I student teach at…and the alarming amount of fried, breaded, and greasy foods EVERY DAY is horrid)
    I am totally an advocate for this. I think kids need a healthy lifestyle from a young age so that they know how to take care of themselves when they’re older

  4. I never had school lunch growing up, my district didn’t offer it. So I had a packed lunch that was pretty healthy every day.

    Seeing what kids eat is disgusting- why would they offer those products?

  5. awesome!!Im so glad to hear this. School lunches are a terrible source of food for anyone. I was never allowed to eat school lunches. Ha! I always packed (thankfully) I hope more progress is made towards bringing in more healthful foods into the school systems.

  6. i LOVE this! have you heard of real food initiatives in MN? chef seth bixby daugherty (who used to work at for damico cucina and graves hotel) is doing this exact same thing in our area! i want to get involved!

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