lemon-ricotta hotcakes

If you have ever been to Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Minneapolis, chances are you know exactly what I am talking about. Nine times out of ten I prefer savory breakfasts, but these pancakes are the one out of ten. With a subtle lemon flavor and extra-creamy ricotta cheese,  these are sure to become a favorite.

“When my wife, Cynthia, patrols the floor of the restaurant, she looks for diners ready to order, then swoops in and insists someone at the table have the Lemon-Ricotta Hotcakes.  It’s cute, but it kind of hurts in a way. We have dozens of items on the menu that I think are worthy of her overzealousness. But she has a jones for those hotcakes. Come to think of it, after three years in this restaurant, I don’t think she’s ever ordered anything but the hotcakes”
~ Damn Good Food

The recipe is from Damn Good Food, by Mitch Omer and Ann Bauer. It is a cookbook/memoir of Mitch’s journey through life, addiction and cooking, with recipes from his restaurant, Hell’s Kitchen along the way. The recipes alone are reason enough to buy this book, but the story was intriguing enough to keep me on the couch until it was finished. Next on my list to make? His famous home-made peanut butter…or the Walleye BLT. But maybe I’ll just let the devil decide…



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9 responses to “lemon-ricotta hotcakes

  1. emily, i gasped when this post loaded on my computer. what a good looking breakfast! being huge breakfast fans — i cannot wait to show this to houli and try it out!

    also…love the part about letting the devil decide — it’s so true when it comes to food! lol!

  2. Once again, I’m in awe of your fantastic pictures. Not to mention the sound of that gourmet breakfast!

  3. These look delicious-I love pancakes for breakfast! Lemon and blueberry are such a perfect combination, I can’t wait to give these a try 🙂

  4. What a beautiful picture!

    My brother lives in Minneapolis and love Hell’s Kitchen. I have to ask him if he’s had those before.

  5. I LOVE Hell’s Kitchen and will need to make these 🙂

  6. Molly

    mmm hells kitchen!
    LOVE this recipe! Ricotta and lemon? You cant go wrong!

  7. Those look amazing. I’ve been meaning to try Hell’s Kitchen for years…hopefully I’ll get a chance to eat there in 2010.

    Neat to see he has a cookbook- I wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t created this post!

  8. Chelsea Ward

    I like the sound of home made peanut butter. I really liked that passage about the wife peddling hotcakes, it’s both adorable and an endorsement of the yummy looking treats.

  9. Alyson

    I googled a recipe for these as soon as I saw them, they just sound amazing!

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