earthquake in haiti

Since the news of an earthquake in Haiti, the country and people have not been far from my mind. I hope and pray that our Haitian friends and children are ok and safe.

I ask for your thoughts and prayers for the people of Haiti, as they are so near and dear to my heart.

Now more then ever, they need our help.



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5 responses to “earthquake in haiti

  1. Chelsea Ward

    I thought of you shortly after I heard the news. Such a horrific event. The devastation is still so raw it’s hard to comprehend it all.

    I know this must be pretty difficult for you, too, so my warm thoughts travel to you as well as the people in Haiti.

  2. Molly

    when I heard about this, I immediatly thought of you. Not only are they in my prayers, but so are you! (and all those who have taken time to go there, experience, and live it so that we all can see their world…and give all we can to it).

    I hope things get cleaned up as soon as possible.

    xo- Molly

  3. Thanks for putting this post up and reminding us that life is not always about what we eat… our workouts.. but there is more to life than all of that..

    I have survived a pretty bad earth quick.. of course when I was a kid.. but the horror of looking for your family and making sure that they are still alive will never leave the memory.

  4. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    it’s horrible. i did think of you when i heard and wondered how you were taking the news.

  5. I’ve heard only bits and pieces of this tragedy. I need to tune in for a full updated report.

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