ask the nutritionist: holiday eating

With Christmas/Chanukah behind us and New Years Eve ahead of us I’m interested to hear how you all stay healthy through the Holidays. I know in past years I’ve felt a little sluggish and “heavy” but this year I feel great and don’t think I’ve really put on any weight – if so, it is a minimal amount. I think this is because:

  • I remained active (including snow-shoeing with mom and hotel gym)
  • The “Holidays” are not a month-long event for me
  • I eat great food year-round – this is not a once-in-a-year chance (with the exception of some cookies)
  • I enjoyed cookies and treats but because I never denied myself, I never over-did it

How are you feeling this year? And what did you do to keep up with your healthy lifestyle? (if you are into that sort of thing 😉 )



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10 responses to “ask the nutritionist: holiday eating

  1. Dan

    I bumped up my activity frequency and really stopped to think about how hungry I really was before I ate. This resulted in my just skipping some meals.

  2. Mary Speidel

    I have to say, we had an overwhelming amount of goodies around the office but considering I am now FAR from the kitchen I never found myself over-indulging. I also noticed an increased appetite for carbs, so my workout routine changed to combat this….cardio, cardio, cardio.

  3. snowshoeing? fun!! i want to get a pair for my mom and dad to keep at the cabin. what a great work out. i think we might try cross country skiing next weekend!

    i usually try to allow my self small tastings of everything and try not to go back for seconds. i also up-ed the yoga and have tried to increase water consumption to flush the toxins. easier said than done though 🙂

  4. I had good intentiotions for this holiday.. trying to keep to my routine except when we got to my in-laws they didn’t have electricity due to the snowstorm 😦

  5. I’ve never been snow shoeing but it is something I’ve always wanted to try!

    How is it as a workout?

    • Yes it is! It doesn’t really feel like it while you are doing it – I wasn’t out of breath or anything but you burn almost 500 calories per hour! And it was really nice to be outside in the wilderness 🙂

  6. Chelsea Ward

    I know what you mean! I definitely ate sweets that were given to me during the season, but I’d make sure the following meals were totally clean and nourishing. I stepped on the scale today, after a long leave of absence, and my weight was exactly the same. Whew!

    Someone was just telling me about snow-shoeing the other day, it sounds awesome! I love outdoor exercise. Winter sports, while seemingly daunting, can actually be quite fun.

  7. Moderation is key – sounds like you have a great balance going!

    Happy Day,


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