Le Creuset Give-Away!!

In the spirit of the Holidays, I have a very exciting give-away for all of you…

A set of two Le Creuset 6-ounce Petite Au Gratin Dishes from Cookware.com!

Cookware.com has about every kitchen item you could ever need (or want for that matter). They have many popular lines such as:

I have always wanted some Le Creuset dishware – so functional yet beautiful at the same time! So here is your chance – I love the size of these dishes – perfect for individual mac & cheese, baked fennel, etc.

To Win:

  • Tell me below what you would make in these dishes.
  • For additional entries put a link on your blog and let me know!
  • Contest will end Tuesday night at 8 pm (CST)
  • Good Luck!!


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15 responses to “Le Creuset Give-Away!!

  1. I so need to get some of these! Portion control is something I have to constantly work at. I would make mac and cheese with irish cheddar, bacon and some bread crumbs. Sound healthy, right;)

  2. I would make butternut squash and chard augratin. It is a wonderful side dish that everyone that I make it for, loves! I heart LeCreuset!

  3. I love LeCreuset!

    I would make individual mac & cheese or mini pot pies/mini shepherd pies. Fun!

  4. Whitney

    Too fun…. I would make pizza macaroni bake, two favorite foods in one! Love the blog!

  5. I would make a nice breakfast type casserole dish, maybe a lasagne type dish, and mac and cheese, all in perfect portions so that I wouldn’t go overboard and eat the whole darn thing! these are very nice, I have been wanting Le Creuset for a long time now!

  6. Oh I’d make a nice “ShipWreck” – you’ve probably never heard it called that! It’s something my mother used to make for us all the time growing up – alternating layers of sliced potatoes, carrots, rice, green peas, usually a can of veggie soup – then put a layer of lean ground beef/turkey (whatever your preference!) on top with ketchup or tomatoe sauce rubbed on – then bake for an hour and a half – voila !! Yum. Not sure why it was called that haha…

  7. First up- a finnochio brasato recipe I used to make when living in italy. Next, a molten chocolate tart with a candle in it since your contest ends on my birthday 🙂

  8. savoringsarah

    Gorgeous dishes!! I definitely would do the classic potatoes au gratin, or possibly some single servings of mac & cheese !! Yummmmm

  9. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    some kinda gratin, for sure – maybe a kale one!

  10. i think i would try out crab au gratin. never made it before, but my family always makes crab legs over the holidays (i’ve begun to look forward to that almost more than the presents). it would be a great way to use up the extra meat (though that is rare in our household).

    how cool is it that you’re doing give-a-ways!!

  11. Linda

    I would make individual apple crisps! Yum! I love Le Creuset and am hoping Santa brings me my first piece of the cookware in the form of a dutch oven this year.

  12. holly

    I would love to make individual mac and cheese or pot pies, actually anything in individual sizes would be good.

  13. Ooh! I like em! You could use these for a lot of things, but I think I’d try out individual toad-in-the-hole type things with tomato sauce. It’s a recipe I’ve had marked as “make this!” for a long time, but haven’t ever actually done it!

  14. ohhhh what an awesome giveaway! and i totally need more bakeware too!

    i think the first thing i would make would be a good ol’ midwestern hot dish – just throw a bunch of everything in the pot, and it always turns out 🙂

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