Haiti: The Food

Missed Haiti: The People? Here it is.

Now onto the food! I loved the food in Haiti, I really had no idea what to expect but was very impressed. It was delicious and the women who prepared it would spend all day getting it ready and presenting it beautifully. Starch is definitely the staple…think pasta, bread and rice at every meal, supplemented with beans, sauces and very small portions of meat.

Did you know that this is what coffee looks like off the tree?  (I had no idea) The coffee in Haiti was very good – everyone roasts their own coffee so it is about as fresh as it can be.

Pasta for breakfast? In Haiti, yes! It usually had some sauteed onions and sometimes a little ham.

Hard-boiled eggs with hot sauce – delicious over the breakfast pasta 🙂

There is a lot of cabbage grown near Thiotté and so we had pikliz frequently, which I loved. It is basically pickled cabbage with  carrots, onions and sometimes jalapeño.

Fried accra (mix of malanga and black eyed peas) and fried plantains were also meal staples. The plantains really grew on me and I loved them with a little pikliz!

Goat Meat Balls – I had these the first night and they were pretty good but I refrained from the meat the rest of the week. We had fish for lunch one day and would have chicken or goat at dinner – very small portions (by US standards).

A spicy onion sauce for rice – delicious!

Beans to go over rice.

A salad of sorts – beautiful presentation.

The outdoor kitchen.

The kitchen out in back. (They are often separate from the house because they are too hot)

No idea how this picture snuck in… 😉

I thought a lot about body image in Haiti vs America and realized how ridiculous it is to spend so much time, energy and money on being “skinny” and “perfect”. In Haiti, just as in other countries where hunger is a big problem, it is usually a good thing to be “average” or even a little more than average. This means you have food. Something that really hit home with me and made me think about things a bit!  Has anyone else had a similar experience? (Just to add to the list of things Haiti made me think about/realize) – Have I convinced you all that you need to go yet?!?!



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10 responses to “Haiti: The Food

  1. great photos, everything looks tasty 🙂

  2. Molly

    mmm all that food looks awesome! I love trying new cuisine from places…and it looks so fresh as well! YUM!

  3. Great Photos. I really love the last one, cute little boy.

    You are absolutely right our culture is mainly focused around being SKINNY. Even our health magazines don’t talk about how to really become a healthy person rather talk about how to lose 8 lbs in a week. As a nation the food is not much of a problem we have issues of poor nutrition… we either eat frozen food or pay extra $ for organic so we are healthy. Wouldn’t it be smart to instead eat within the season and natural?
    Sorry this is a topic that I can go on and on about.

  4. AMAZING photos – thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy Friday,


  5. I had not idea the food in Haiti would look like the pictures you showed. Everything looked really good!

  6. it’s so cool to see the food and cooking environment in haiti. very different from ours. it’s crazy to think that many americans go hungry by choice b/c they feel a need to stay skinny, when there is so much great food around us. it also makes me think…what gives me the right to be so picky about my food when there are so many hungry people willing to eat just about anything? also, how do i make the most out of the food i have. trying to use up everything and waste nothing is something i want to work hard at.

  7. Chelsea Ward

    I’m loving your Haiti posts! All of that food looks so spectacular. I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food, so those goat meatballs are looking especially good. I know what you mean regarding body image in other countries compared to America. It’s pretty crazy that in a lot of third world countries, people are dangerously skinny and starving…while here we have obesity on the rise as well as eating disorders, due to the “have to be perfect” message constantly presented by the media. It’s pretty unhealthy on both ends of the spectrum here, in my opinion.

    I love the outdoor kitchen. Just goes to show that you don’t need fancy equipment for amazing, memorable meals.

  8. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    everything looks wonderful! i wish i could go!

  9. awesome post.

    i think we forget about how food IS scarce in other countries. being a bit bigger is a GOOD THING – it means you get to eat, enjoy life and not have to worry where your next meal is coming from.

    and that baby is SOOOO CUTE!

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