Haiti: The People

The Haitian people are some of the kindest people I have ever met. I was struck by their generosity when they have so little.

Some had walked for days to see the Eye Doctors, many with cataracts, infections, trauma or even blindness that had never been treated. They patiently waited for hours or days to be seen.

They are too cute for words.

They work so hard. Young and old.

They are so thankful and appreciative.

The children would yell “blan” which means white or foreigner and in the school courtyard they would run up and hold my hand and were so excited and curious to see us. I picked up one girl and she stroked my hair and face, probably wondering where I had come from and why I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

On our ride back to Port au Prince we talked about how although most Haitians are struggling to survive, that their life is so simple and is oddly refreshing. It is almost like going back in time. Life is slow and they take the time to enjoy and be thankful for what they have. They are not worried about their 401 k’s and a raise at work. They live life day by day and their faith is nothing short of inspiring.

They have affected me more than I could have ever imagined. I began to look at my own life and reflect on all the things I have and that my life is often lived in excess. Not always in a materialistic sense but also my OCD tendencies about everything being perfect and clean – all the time. I need to slow down and really take the time to enjoy those around me. Dirty floors and all. I know that not a single day will go by that I don’t think about the people and my experiences in Haiti.



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14 responses to “Haiti: The People

  1. savoringsarah

    What an incredible experience you are having. So great to learn about!

  2. Anna

    Thanks for the blog Emily, lessons for all……
    P.S. You captured some really amazing pictures

  3. Wow. Thanks for writing about your experiences. It makes me think about the excess I have and that true happiness comes from the inside.

  4. Wow, very powerful pictures!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Kat

    Thanks for sharing. Sounds like an incredible experience — very eye-opening.

  6. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    beautiful post! have never been to haiti but have definitely met some lovely people from there.

  7. what a great entry emily! definitely food for thought. 🙂

  8. What can I say, it is always so wonderful to see Haiti through the eyes of someone who has visited for the first time. I am, of course, in tears after seeing your pictures (including some of people and children I know) and reading your incredible observations. I am so happy you said “yes” and went on the trip. As someone who has been going for the last 10 years, all I can say is Haiti has changed my life and it changes the lives of all who go there.

    • Thank YOU for such a great opportunity! I can’t wait to go back! And of course you know some of the people – I can’t tell you how many people asked where you were, I told Peter that I was surprised they didn’t have a shrine for you two! 🙂

  9. Chelsea Ward

    Your post is seriously bringing tears to my eyes. Those pictures are so incredibly touching. I agree with your thoughts and sentiment regarding appreciating a slower, simpler, and more appreciative way of living. Due to living in a country of excess (America) I feel like we (myself included), can fall prey to the curse of American entitlement. We get wrapped up in what we want, versus what we need. Sounds like your trip left a deep imprint on your life! You go girl!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more – I have definitely started thinking twice when I “want” something – actually thinking about if I really need it or I just want it…usually I just want it. I also realized how much I have already – perfect lessons for the Holiday season!

  10. Jane

    Thanks for sharing our week in Thiotte on your site. Although it was quite evident that you will be returning to Haiti again, it warms my heart to hear you talk of it.
    I love the photos you posted! I’m glad we were able to take time to visit the children in their classrooms.
    Each visit brings new insights, new challenges, and a continued desire to return to something I consider home away from home.
    The holidays have a new dimension added to them. May you have a blessed one with family and friends!

  11. EMILY…so inspiring!

    after going to thailand, i feel the same way. things that may have been important to me before are just not that big of a deal anymore. it’s so eye opening, and i think EVERYONE needs to have an experience like this.

    thank you for sharing your adventure…the pictures are awesome, and those school girls are SOOOOO cute!

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