teriyaki vegetables

I had tried Simply Boulder Culinary Sauces at a recent food show and fell in love with the Coconut Peanut sauce. And through the magic of a tweet, Seth from Simply Boulder was able to track me down and was kind enough to send me some samples so that I could go on with life 😉 Why am I attracted to these sauces? Because they are 1) delicious and 2) have real ingredients – olive oil, agave, etc.

I had some veggies that needed to be eaten and I knew just what they needed: Truly Teriyaki Sauce! This sauce was so light, but so full of flavor – perfect over steamed veggies.

I can’t wait to try out the other flavors! The sauces are in stores mainly in the West – but there is a store locator on the website and you can also order online.



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5 responses to “teriyaki vegetables

  1. Kat

    Those sauces sound wonderful- I love that they use Agave. Most sauces have so much added sugar and while they taste good, I know they aren’t good for me! Thanks for the heads up about this brand!

  2. ohhh i am going to keep my eye out for them – hopping over to the web site now to see what they look like 🙂

  3. I too appreciate when companies use real ingredients.

    I must say those veggies look awesome. How did you steam them?

    • Well I actually lightly sauteed a bag of California Blend (Cascadian Farm) along with some chopped cabbage until the cabbage was softened. Then since I was using them later I just put in tupperware and kind of “steamed” in the microwave.

  4. Wow! looks great Thanks for the product info! I’ll have to check these sauces out! have a great day.

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