ask the nutritionist: office snacks


I don’t know about you, but I work in an office and even though I generally pack snacks…sometimes I eat them by 1:30 😦 So when 3:30 rolls around, I’m starving and I have 2 options – vending machine or heading to the store. FYI: I never choose to just not eat a snack…doesn’t happen in my world.

After a less than stellar lunch (ate part and then tossed), string cheese for a replacement that was bad and a drawer of 3 Lara Bars and tea I knew I needed some new office snacks. I set out to the store immediately because a) I was starving and b)I needed a break from work after a stressful morning. I went up and down every aisle (of just your regular old grocery store – I do what I can in the burbs) in search of  a snack that fits the following criteria: natural, decent source of protein and fiber, low in sugar and satisfying enough to keep me out of the vending machine.

– Instant Oatmeal – while I hate the added sugar, convenience is key here and I had been wanting to try the Simple Harvest line (I thought it was rather average, probably wouldn’t buy again)

– Annie’s Mac – this was total impulse, not sure what prompted this but it definitely brought back memories of Saturday nights as a kid, home alone with my Brother watching Walker Texas Ranger and being scared out of my mind

– Luna & Cliff Bars – love Lara but sometimes I need chocolate something that tastes a little more like dessert 😉

– Tuna – while this will be made at home it is a great addition to a soup and salad lunch

– Hummus – I heart it. That is all I have to say.

What snacks do you bring to work or have on a regular basis?



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13 responses to “ask the nutritionist: office snacks

  1. Taster

    Walker: Texas Ranger??? For real?? And being scared out of your mind at it???

  2. Anna

    I’m with the Taster, what the heck Emily?! 🙂 Well I will not be shy about hitting up the vending machine for skittles, yes, skittles. But I have been known to keep nuts and crackers in my desk. Sometimes even an apple.

  3. ahhhh love the snack stash! i have had to do that recently too…otherwise to the vending machines i go. right now, i have almonds and dried fruit stashed away…and its the perfect combo to eat together!

  4. I always have almond butter, granola, mixed nuts of some sort, jammy sammies and recently added Chia Goodness cereal to my desk drawer

  5. Kat

    I didnt realize that Annie’s is now making microwavable mac & cheese. That is dangerous- I must get my hands on some. I love all of these items as well- your descriptions are great.
    And just an idea (cuz I love this combo), you can mix a can of tuna with some mac & cheese and have a hearty, filling, and balanced lunch!

  6. Walker Texas Ranger used to scare me too!

    And I always try to have hummus on me. I’m addicted.

  7. I really need to stock my office with healthy snacks. I love Odwalla bars and lately I’ve been drinking tea while at work.

    btw…I listed the ingredients of the pumpkin martini after your response on my blog. Hope you enjoy!

  8. I am so the same way with snacks… mine tend to be gone by 2pm more often than not :/ And no snack before going home after that = cranky girl haha! Great job on the healthy stash… I need to plan ahead more and keep some fun things at my desk too 🙂

  9. i don’t have an office to go to, but whenever i travel i like to bring miso soup packets with me.

  10. Chelsea Ward

    Good snack criteria. I usually eat my own weight in hummus, so I understand the need to have it off-hand.

    For work snacks, I’m all about Kashi’s “Go Lean! Crunch” bars, fresh fruit, mixed nuts.

  11. Marie

    I always have popcorn!

  12. Great snack selection! 🙂 I love larabars, fruit, veggies & hummus

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