brown rice & veggie bowl

There are very few things better than a ton of veggies stir-fried together and eaten in an endless possibilities of flavors. My mother is especially skilled in this department. She can be anywhere (Greece, home, camping), using anything and the result is always amazing. She’s taught me that cabbage is great in stir-fry (what? I thought cabbage was for coleslaw) and that delicious veggies are never out of reach.


Stir-fried veggies are also easy to make ahead and portable to take to work. For the latest batch I used 2 bags of fresh broccoli, cauliflower and carrots (washed and ready to go – awesome time saver) a small head of cabbage and topped it with an Organic Peanut Sauce. Served over a bit of brown rice and straight out of tupperware. While it certainly loses its beautiful colors, the taste was there…I just need some protein besides meat and tofu. I’m thinking some edemame might be a nice addition but does anyone have any other protein ideas for me?? A meal of just veggies doesn’t always hold me over to well 😦




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7 responses to “brown rice & veggie bowl

  1. This meal looks so good. I so love veggies! I think if you added some sort of bean that might be good.

  2. savoringsarah

    Stir fry’s are my fav quick & easy meal! For me, when I do a veggie stir fry, I love adding shelled edamame & some type of nut- cashews or peanuts especially.

  3. Sayra

    I agree that peanuts would go fantastic with this meal! Perhaps a scrambled egg or rinsed black beans? Yuuuum….going to try this out next week!

  4. I am a lover of big cooked veggie bowls. I like them sauteed, and ROASTED is my favorite. So satisfying.

  5. why does food taste so good out of the tupperware?!?!

  6. seriously one of the easiest healthiest meals that I just adore 🙂 yumm.

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