tera’s whey

teras whey

Finding this protein powder was SO much fun! I had an “internet date” with Holly from The Healthy Everythingtarian and it was a perfect first date in my opinion 😉 She is as much fun in person as she conveys through her blog. I hope to see her again soon, I’ll probably be needing some more Wisconsin goodies in the near future! We met at this great little store called Fromagination that has great foodie finds, local cheese and products and sandwiches to go. Totally my type of store. We grabbed some sandwiches and went to walk the Farmer’s Market.

I loved the packaging on this product (I know, it happened again – hey, I’m a sucker for great packaging!) but I also loved the fact that they use whey from local farms (like Organic Valley), have a short ingredient list, are sweetened with stevia and there are no wacky protein powder ingredients. I’m not a huge protein powder person but after I lift mega weights do yoga or check my emails 😉 sometimes I need a little protein! At first I tried the fair trade dark chocolate mixed with almond milk and it was good but I thought I would like it better in a smoothie so I took it back home, blended it with frozen banana and enjoyed the next day. One packet has 20 grams of protein and was a great addition to my smoothie. Next to try is yumberry and I can’t wait!  Check out the website here – you can order online if you can’t get to Wisco anytime soon.



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4 responses to “tera’s whey

  1. Hi, I just started reading this blog – thanks for writing. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not displaying correctly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Tour). Anyway, I am now on the RSS feed on my home PC, so thanks!

  2. I kind of disagree, but I do see your point.

  3. Me and my flatmate have been taking stevia for a while now after reading about it on this website and think its great! Now i can’t drink my hot chocolate without it! i love the fact that its it nourishes the pancreas since it does not raise blood glucose levels too

  4. Hi,
    I am a part of The Organic Whey, LLC (http://theorganicwhey.com). We recently made our USDA certified organic whey protein publicly available The Organic Whey™ (http://theorganicwhey.com). I think that your readers would find this useful since our site has a lot of information on benefits of going organic with whey and importance of organic whey.

    Charlene Jenkins
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