zevia root beer


Soda with no calories and no artificial sweeteners?

Sign me up.

There is something about soda and I will admit that I fall for its effervescent, cool refreshment that it brings. My drug of choice? The diet Pepsi. I don’t keep it at home, that would be far too tempting. It mainly happens during road trips in the car (and the lack of sparking water at gas stations?). But I digress….I grabbed a root beer from Whole Foods the last time I was there and was super excited to try it out.

Unfortunately I was not that big of a fan. To me, it had that somewhat odd flavor that can be common with stevia. The taster doesn’t mind it and uses stevia in his coffee but for now, for me, I’ll pass. Try it out yourself, they sell them by the can at Whole Foods. I will probably give it another try down the road, or maybe just a different flavor .

Question: Do you like stevia? Thoughts? Do you use it?

I love the idea of it and am glad it is finally showing up more but I’m not a frequent user quite yet.



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9 responses to “zevia root beer

  1. can you believe i’ve actually never tried stevia? being your friend and all you think that’s one i would have crossed off the list by now. 🙂 i’ll have to test it out and get back to you!

  2. savoringsarah

    I LOVE the root beer zevia!! I def. do not recommend the orange soda or cream soda.

  3. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love yours. Please add me to your Roll if you continue to like it…I would loveeeee to get regular readers such as yourself!

    Love your posts by the way. Stevia…yes I do use it…I’ve wondered how ‘safe’ it is – I know it’s ‘natural’ but still. I do prefer it much to splenda and stuff like that though for sure.

    I usually use Stevia in my tea – so probably about 4 of the little packets a day…too much??

    I still eat sucralose in the form of my yogurts and stuff though (unfortunately)…but I can’t break-up with everything yet :(…oh well, such is life.

  4. I’ve never tried stevia either.. surprising, given all the hype it’s gotten in the blog world. I want to try it though!! Hahah I got the costco sized box of Splenda packets, so it will be a very very long time before those are all gone. 😦

    I haven’t had the chance to try Zevia either!! Faiiil on all accounts!

  5. Tried it in hopes that the artificial sweetener flavor would not be there. I was wrong – it was gross and I felt ill afterwards. I cannot drink diet pops!

  6. I kind of disagree, but I do see your point.

  7. -a

    Just found you by accident but thought I’d weig in too.. I was excited to find the zevia because its not commonly carried and then was really let down by the flavor and after taste! I have gross well water but I much prefer that to all flavors of the zevia, major bummer.

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