typical day of eats

Since I don’t post everything I eat and it may at times seem like all I eat is cheese and pasta and drink red wine 😉 I thought I would show you a day of typical eating for me:

Breakfast: I am a total egg person – it seems that they are the only thing that keeps me from starving at 9AM. I usually have 2 Organic Eggs, greens and some Sprouted Bread. (with a side of sriracha)


Snack: favorite of the moment, apple and almond butter – glamourous on a paper towel, no?


Salad from the salad bar


leftover sweet potato, spinach and chorizo soup


side of veggies


Snack: my kind of candy bar 🙂


Dinner: Pick one of these.



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7 responses to “typical day of eats

  1. Hey – new to your blog.. I always see you comment on Jenna’s blog (foodieinthecity) and when you said you go to Sawatdee too I finally figured out you’re also in Mpls!

    That lunch looks soooo good! I love beats on salad, and now we’re getting into the perfect soup weather!

  2. thanks for the peek into your daily eats! what kinda camera do you have? your pix look beautiful.

  3. this is making me hungry… also the spooky Z bar because i haven’t seen them yet this year (the horror!) but mostly your yummy risotto and other cooked up treats. NICE 🙂

  4. mmmm i am loving your days eats – what salad bar is that from? i am loving all the little bits that are in there!

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