skinny crisps

Myrna’s skinny crisps come in a variety of flavors but which do I go for?


Chocolate obviously!

I was drawn to these crackers because I seem to have a very keen eye at the Co-op for new products and the packaging was pretty cute. And I always notice packaging – can’t help it, it is part of my job!  I probably shouldn’t admit this but that is how I pick out some things…like wine…but I swear I only do that once in a while 😉  The story on the back of the package is also pretty cute but the reason these made it into my basket? The ingredients.

Ingredients: almonds, chickpea flour, golden flax seeds, psylium husk, cocoa powder, sea salt and turbinado. Interesting, right? Doesn’t sound to much like brownies to me…but I’m always one to try!

3 crackers: 80 calories, 4.5 g fat, 2 g fiber, 2 g protein.

I of course sampled one the minute I got in the car and loved. These aren’t too sweet but they still have a great chocolate flavor are nice and crunchy.  They remind me of something but I just can’t put my finger on it…guess I’ll have to keep trying to figure it out!  They would also be beyond delicious made into an ice-cream sandwich with some coconut ice cream….. What! Did I just say that?!?!


Did I mention that they are also amazing with a little almond butter on top? In fact that is how I consumed about 1/2 the package a few of the crackers. 😉



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4 responses to “skinny crisps

  1. Mo

    These look so good. Do you know if they sell them at Whole Foods? BTW, which food coop do you go to? I’m from MN, and my sister in law is always talking about the one in Uptown by her house.

    • Hi Mo! I haven’t seen them at the Whole Foods yet, but I will definitely look next time I’m there. I go to the Wedge, which is probably what your sis-in-law talks about – it is an awesome co-op!

  2. Well, if you swear you didn’t eat 1/2 the package, I’d have to swear I didn’t eat the whole bag!

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