sizzled sage & garlic pasta

This recipe, as like many, caught my eye when I came across it in Food & Wine. (August 2009)  (PS.  What am I going to do without Gourmet? Kind of depressed about it) Anyway, with all recipes that catch my eye, I daintily rip out the recipe and save in my “recipe folder”.  And as you can see I’m still in August recipes so I’m a bit behind. Now I usually don’t really follow these recipes but rather use them as inspiration (and so I don’t forget). This immediately sounded good to me but I must admit, while I was putting it together I was thinking that it might be a bit bland. The flavors so simple. The seasonings so sparse. But as I bit into the chewy pasta and crunchy garlic chips and sage I quickly forgot about this being bland…




Prepare pasta as directed. I wanted to get some extra-special pasta since this was such a simple dish. I found some Egg Noodles that are actually made in Chisholm, Minnesota. (Anyone ever heard of Chisholm before??) They were supposed to be similar to home-made noodles, which I think they were….but then again I’ve never made home-made pasta so who am I to judge?

Heat about 3 Tbsp of butter in pan and throw in about 3/4 cup whole sage leaves and sliced garlic (3 cloves worth). Season with salt and pepper and let sizzle for about 3 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Save yummy butter mixture.

Toss butter mixture with 1/4 cup saved pasta cooking liquid and pasta. Serve onto plates, grate with cheese and sprinkle with sage and garlic. Eat. It. Up.

Cheese: I used a Pecorino Pepato. “Produced on the island of Sardinia, this young sheep’s milk cheese is seasoned with black peppercorns”. I would dare myself to go to Surdyk’s and not spend $35 in the cheese shop but I know that is just not realistic. I like to trick myself and the taster.

Me: We should probably stop by Surdyk’s. I’m out of wine.

Taster: ok.

Me: (on the way in) We better stop into the Cheese shop. You know, in case they have anything that is really new and exciting….

Taster: done.

He is easily persuaded can you tell?


Just in case you all were worried, I did manage to sneak in some veggies to the meal. Asparagus was the veggie of choice and is one of our faves. Simply sauteed in some olive oil and garlic. The perfect accompaniment to the perfect pasta.




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6 responses to “sizzled sage & garlic pasta

  1. looks delish!! i love the way you wrote this recipe out. so easy to follow along!! happy weekend.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything with Sage in it. I’m so uncultured (seriously). Geesh.

    But ohhh, I can eat that whole plate of asparagus. Nom!

  3. soooo sad about gourmet too!

  4. p.s. i am having trouble with your email…i keep getting a return message. anybody else have problems?

  5. savoringsarah

    crispy garlic, pasta & sage? sign me UP. can’t wait to try! I need to stay updated on Food & Wine..I guess now it will fill my Gourmet sad!

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