October Cheese Tray


This months cheese tray was a pretty simple one. And by simple I mean, I was in a hurry and went with some of my stand-by favorites.

Aged Gouda: I would eat you always and forever. You are my favorite, all by yourself. (Errr…preferably with some wine)

Carr Valley Monastery: A cow milk cheese that is “hand rubbed and cellar cured.” It is “creamy textured and intensely flavored.”  I liked but didn’t love. There are so many Carr Valley cheeses that I like more than this one so I would probably skip it next time. I’m hoping that on my next trip to Madison I have a chance to stop by a Carr Valley store. They have so many more varieties that I can’t find here in MN.

Brie: I would also love you forever my dear Brie. However, I need to bake you with apples. It has been far too long.




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2 responses to “October Cheese Tray

  1. Mmm I love all these cheeses! Good choices for sure…and yes, I’ll always have special place in my heart for Brie! 🙂

  2. CARR VALLEY CHEESE IS THE BEST!!! when you come to madison to visit, please let me know!

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