Confessions of an Artificial Treat


I love funfetti cake. There. I said it out-loud and it’s now in the internet forever.

I have literally loved the Funfetti fake-ness forever! Every year my Mom would ask what dessert I wanted for my Birthday and there was a long stretch of the funfetti. Sorry Mom, I’m sure you were dying to make me anything that wasn’t out of a box. My taste-buds certainly have changed a lot since age 12 but I just can’t manage to shake the funfetti! Do you have any foods that you hate to love?

But this time it isn’t about me. It’s for my girl Morgan, my bride-to-be and bestie for a very long time! Happy Birthday Morgan! *loves*

PS. This does NOT count for my monthly baking adventure!



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2 responses to “Confessions of an Artificial Treat

  1. Right now I am loving Candy Corn!!

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