butter vs lard debate

Robert S Donovan

picture by Robert S Donovan

I forgot to tell y’all 😉 about one of my favorite parts about New Orleans! Our last morning of the trip was spent at the New Orleans School of Cooking. Our teacher was New Orlean’s version of Paula Deen. Butter included. My parents had been there before and we actually had one of the dishes (Artichoke & Shrimp Soup) last year for Christmas! The soup is amazing by the way, chock full of butter and cream. I’ll try to make it for y’all real soon 🙂

Anyway, our teacher was discussing the uses of butter and lard and when to use it in which roux, etc. etc. and she happened to mention that lard has less saturated fat than butter. My Mom and I vowed to look it up as soon as we got to a computer. Wait, that is what iphones are for. No need to wait. Which is a good thing because I have zlitch patience. She was right. Can you believe it? The old pig wins again. Then I was browsing the October Bon Appetit and they were comparing fats:

Calories (1 T) Fat (in grams) Sat Fat (%) Monounsat (%)
Butter 100 12 50 30
Lard 115 13 39 45
Duck Fat 115 13 33 50
Olive Oil 120 14 14 77

So there you have it. Now everyone can make an educated decision on butter vs lard vs duck fat and in the words of Nina Elder “Go ahead and order those duck-fat fries- every once in a while.”

What do you guys think about this? Which fats do you use and prefer? My fats of choice are olive oil and butter for cooking – straight up consuming? Hemp and Avocado.


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