restaurant: Fuji Ya

I. love. sushi. If I could, I would be fine eating it every day for the rest of my life.  And while I am patiently waiting for someone to start making the sushi with brown rice in Minneapolis I guess I will just suffer through it for the time being 😉  I guess it still has some great health benefits….

One of my favorite places in the cities for sushi is Fuji Ya. Now there are many great spots but this one has the BEST Spicy Salmon and Spicy Tuna and those are my favorite. I like sticking to the basics for most of the sushi and then getting one or two fun/interesting rolls to try.

The latest trip to Fuji Ya was for Megan’s Birthday (Holla Megan!) and we had a blast in the side room where you sit at a traditional table (you sit on the floor – and no shoes allowed in the room)


The food was as always amazing…


some miso soup – because i love it and needed a little bacteria in my life


spicy tuna, spicy salmon, caterpillar and tuna sashimi and an oily white fish sashimi (can’t remember, sorry!)


It was such a great night with friends and cake of course! Happy Birthday Megan!




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4 responses to “restaurant: Fuji Ya

  1. Molly

    FUJI YA! I used to go there seriously EVER week with my parents and grandparents. I havent been there in forever…thanks for reminding me of this place. Ill for sure be going there soon! 🙂

  2. mary beth

    that looks so good!! i’m glad you could celebrate with Megan.

  3. Oily White Fish = Escolar!!! BEST FISH IN THE ENTIRE WORLD NO JOKE! ha ha (Obviously, since I’m pretty much scream typing over here! ha ha!)

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