weekends in wisconsin look like this:

Now that I’m FINALLY in Minnesota for the weekend (ok, I’m being dramatic, it was really only two weekends away, but it feels like ages) I can reminisce about Wisconsin, my home state where many of my family and friends still live. I spent the last two weekends in Wisconsin, so I have many, many memories! 🙂
Brewer games are a Milwaukee staple (I’d rather roam around the Milwaukee Public Market), but as they say “compromise is key”. Wait, is that what they say?!? And who says that?!?! Compromise is important, I’ll put it that way. Fun none the less and they serve wine so I can’t really complain.

Ahhh, an old German Beerhall…we actually didn’t go to this exact place but decided the Milwaukee Brat House instead. Since I am 100% German, and yes you read that right, 100%, I feel really “at home”…. well, I guess I feel like I’m being a good German girl by honoring my heritage 🙂 and in Milwaukee this is an easy thing to do.
Fun Fact: A wise person once told me that Milwaukee is home to more Germans than Berlin…but I have no statistical proof of that so don’t hold me to it.


Oh wait. That’s more like it 😉

So back to the Brat House – complete with a boot of beer:

Wisconsin Cheese Plate: this classy thing would be aged white cheddar, raw onion slices, salty crackers (not sure why they were not just called saltines but that is besides the point) and house crafted hot mustard, made with Be Gone dark ale. This was the spiciest mustard I have EVER had in my life. It was pretty good, but a little TOO spicy even for me.

Would it be Wisconsin without Beer Cheese Soup?? This healthy soup has aged Wisconsin cheddar, PBR and bacon. (Don’t worry, I was kidding on the healthy)

This meal was actually made in Minnesota, but do you notice the Packer-colored side dish for my favorite Packer fan?!?!

So there you have it…In case anyone was wondering what it would be like to live in Wisconsin 😉


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3 responses to “weekends in wisconsin look like this:

  1. VeggieGirl

    So fun! 🙂


    i HAVE wondered! i have a good friend from milwaukee

  3. Jenna

    Whoohooo, hell yes to the MidWest, and even more, Minnesota 🙂

    That just about sums up a WIsconsin meal though. Love the beer in the boot. Reminds me of Gastof's in NE.

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