The Barbeclette

When I see an interesting gadget designed for cheese, it is nearly impossible for me to pass up. I had read about the Barbeclette (a contraption that makes it possible to grill cheese) and was thrilled when I found it at Surdyk’s, a local cheese shop & liquor store.
Imagine….warm, gooey cheese with crusty bread? Basically what I dream of at night….

This was a grilled aged gouda. I loved it. The taster and Michael? Not as impressed as I was.

I need to try it with a non-aged gouda so that it would be even more melty. So I did what anyone else would do and went to go get some new Gouda.

This was perfect. Yes, it is essentially fondue on the grill, but I don’t care. It is delicious and fun and much easier than fondue. This gouda melted much better than the aged, but I think I’ll try a different variety next time!
Is anyone else obsessed with kitchen gadgets like I am?!?!?



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5 responses to “The Barbeclette

  1. Jenna

    Hello! I love your blog. I am a new commenter but I have to tell you it is called Raclette. It is a Swiss food. We usually melt raclette cheese and serve it over boiled potatoes. I live in Switzerland. You might be able to find raclette cheese in your area.

    Our raclette machine has an actual grill on the top to grill bacon, sausages and veggies of all sorts. Underneath the grill is 8 little cheese holders. Everyone gets there own cheese tray. There is actually raclette/fondue seasoning that we sprinkle on. Grilled onions and grilled garlic are my favorite!

    I prefer it over fondue any day. Glad that you are enjoying a Swiss specialty. Have a great weekend!

  2. Lori

    That gouda looks so good! I could definitely go for fondue on the grill. Grilled cheese is big here in the churrascos. You can buy it in the supermarket on a stick to grill yourself. It holds it's form, but if you get it superhot, it's nice and gooey. One of my favorites!

  3. Emily

    Jenna- So glad you like! Thanks so much for sharing the info, I didn't realize! I found Holland's version but will defintely try some of your ideas, the onions and garlic sound great!

    Lori- I so wish that we had churrasco's!! Yum!


    woah that's crazy! i've never seen that before, and i'm pretty in the know – heh heh

  5. Jackie at

    I love raclette. Gosh, this me bring me back to my childhood while skiing in the Alpes in France! Love the stringy cheese. Yum!

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