thai lettuce wraps

This recipe came from Women’s Health magazine – they often have recipes with only a few ingredients which I think is a great idea, but I must say, I think this is the first one that I’ve actually tried!
The taster grilled some flank steak (all meat HAS to be organic or grass-fed since seeing Food Inc) while I prepared the sauce. It consisted of the juice of one lime, squirt of sriracha and about 1 Tbsp of fish sauce. Gently heated on the stove and poured over the sliced meat.
For the wraps I had some bibb lettuce, carrots, napa cabbage, green peppers, red onions and sliced jalapeno’s. I unfortunately forgot the cilantro which was kind of a bummer, I know I would have loved them that much more!
Served with a side of grilled sweet potatoes (an idea from Gina). These were AWESOME! I will be grilling my sweet potatoes from now on…until the temperature drops to “below grilling levels”, which in Minnesota could be very soon 😦
I love dinners like these, they are easy, simple and don’t leave you feeling stuffed and full. This meal however had a little too much sriracha and also left us with burning mouths…always worth it though!

Do you have a go-to light dinner favorite? I need some more of these in my repertoire!


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7 responses to “thai lettuce wraps

  1. HealthySDLiving

    How cool–I definitely want to try grilling up some sweet potatoes! Yum!

  2. Lori

    I love lettuce wraps! Those grilled sweet potatoes look so good. Thanks for sharing the idea. I've never thought of doing that before.

  3. Jenna

    I'm a big fan of stuffed peppers. You get your veggies, carbs and protein! NUM!

  4. Jamie Walker

    Its so funny wraps are a staple for my lunches. Today and yesterday, I packed Kale wraps with quinoa and red beans and a little hot sauce! Totally delicious!

  5. insideiamdancing

    Those look delicious! I often see recipes in magaines that I want to try, then never get around to making them!

    I am hooked on wraps/sandwiches right now, but a go-to is a salad I make with tuna, kidney beans, a little rice and salsa on a bed of lettuce. Delicious and keeps for a few days in the fridge 🙂

  6. Emmett losing weight

    Grilling sweat potatoes, great idea! Love the food!

  7. Emily

    Yes, you all need to grill the sweet potatoes, they really are the best way to eat them! Thanks to Gina for that idea!!!

    Jenna – That is a great idea! I have been meaning to make those, thanks for the reminder!

    Jamie – Your wraps sound awesome and SO healthy!!

    Insideiamdancing – Your salad also sounds really good! (And I like that it can be made ahead of time!

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