Doctor in the Kitchen: Flackers

I found these crackers at the Whole Foods in Minneapolis and from their website it looks like as of now they are only available in Minnesota, but I have a feeling they will be showing up around the country soon enough. You can also order them online.

The doctor behind these crackers? Alison Levitt M.D., who originally created these crackers for herself and her clients now makes them available to all! I tried the Rosemary variety and have been enjoying them along side some raw lunches.
Why do I love these crackers?
– the nutrition facts speak for themselves: per 3 crackers (which sounds wimpy, but they are pretty big) 110 calories, 7 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein
– ingredients: organic golden flax seeds, organic brown flax seeds, organic apple cider vinegar, vegetable protein from soybeans and purified water, organic rosemary, organic sage
-they are also raw! The packaging doesn’t label them as raw, but I did contact the company and they are sprouted and dehydrated)


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4 responses to “Doctor in the Kitchen: Flackers

  1. Holly

    i saw those at whole food and almost bought them – now i will have to for sure go back and purchase!

  2. Lainie

    Those sound awesome…they sound a little bit like Mary's Gone Crackers…have you tried those? Are they similiar?

  3. Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write

    sounds awesome! I love crackers. I'm often disappointed by their amount of fiber. these sound great.

  4. Emily

    Lainie, they are kind of similar to the Mary's gone crackers but straight whole flaxseeds. A little thicker too!

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