Milwaukee Public Market

My good friend Mary Beth had told me about this market and so with my frequent Milwaukee trips recently I knew I had to get there. During my last visit when I was with my Mom, we were a little too late and the market was already closed 😦
The Market consists of various little shops and then various food stations (kind of like a food court but MUCH nicer, with WAY better food!) They have sushi, an oyster bar, Mediterranean, Mexican, Wisconsin, bakery, etc. I was in heaven.

I started my day off at the Green Kitchen for a green juice. The juice consisted of apple, cucumber, lime and wheat grass. It was pretty good but I had really been hoping for my favorite combo.

We ended up going back for lunch with the parents before my cousins wedding so that we could each get what we were feeling (plus I was kind of obsessed with it by this point). I went with the Mediterranean flavors (per usual) and got a side salad along with falafel, hummus and tabbouleh. (Also where I got the inspiration for this meal) The hummus and tabbouleh were great but cold falafel? Not totally my thing. I love it hot, but apparently not cold.

I’ll be heading back to the market in a few weeks for another trip to Milwaukee…next to try? Either a salad at the Green Kitchen or a trip to the Wine Bar. Or both if I’m feeling especially crazy 🙂



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8 responses to “Milwaukee Public Market

  1. Holly

    ohhh i have never been there! looks amazing. love how we can share all our fave WI spots, and we know where each other is talking about!

    mmmm…juice! i need to find a good juice bar!

    happy sunday!


    what a cool looking place!

  3. Lori

    What a great market! The food looks so good!

  4. Jenna

    That market looks heavenly!

    I think you should go crazy and go to both next time 🙂 But if it was one or the other, I'd have to go to the wine bar!

  5. Lainie

    You are so lucky you have a place to go to get green juice! I haven't found one yet (I live in Oregon, so I know there's gotta be one here…I just haven't figured out where…)

    I was born in Milwaukee! Lived there til I was 8.

  6. Jackie at

    How was the wheatgrass drink? You mentioned there was apple in it, how sweet was it? Looks healthy!

  7. Emily

    Jenna – I think I'll go crazy too and do both! There are so many options!

    Lainie, that is so cool that you were born in Milwaukee, I grew up in Wisco as well – gotta love the dairy state 🙂

    Jackie – The juice was pretty good, it was actually my first time having wheat grass in a juice (well, besides powdered) but I do like green juices – it was a little stronger tasting than some other combo's – my favorite is still apple, kiwi, cucumber and parsley. I'm headed back in a week so I'll try a different combo and let you know!

  8. Jackie at

    Thanks for the info. I make juices with freshly squeezed pennyworth leaves, called nước rau má in Vietnamese. It's supposed to have a lot of health benefits. I was just wondering how different/sweet wheatgrass was… I usually have to add some agave nectar to sweeten the drink.

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