Oikos- How do you eat yours?

I’ve always loved the Greek Yogurt (well ever since I took a trip to Greece) and can find use after use for it. I put it in dips, eat it plain, top it with granola or fruit and the list goes on and on..

But my absolute favorite? Tzatziki!!! I put this on everything: wraps, veggies, pita and can pretty much eat it straight.

1 container Greek yogurt
3/4 cup chopped cucumber
Garlic, dill, vinegar, salt & pepper
Mix and put on everything!!!

Thanks Kristina and Stonyfield for the coupons, they are much appreciated as is your work in the Organic Industry!

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4 responses to “Oikos- How do you eat yours?


    i love replacing greek yogurt for mayo….

  2. Holly

    yay for greek yog – soooo many ways to use it! love that tzazkititiskdf (i can't spell it, haha!

  3. sflunchreview

    I love it with sunflower seeds!

  4. Bonnie

    I drop a dollop into my tomato bisque soup. Love it.

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