Excuses. Excuses?

Sometimes I feel myself feeling a little stressed, down and hungry. Now I know what I should do (hello lara bar in desk drawer). But what if I’m feeling salty and don’t have any salty snacks?

Yes, yes I did. Total vending machine snack attack. And while I wish I has the self-control of some, we all know that I am in no way shape or form perfect. 🙂 And instead of feeling guilty I’m moving on and I’m going to eat lots of veggies for dinner. Excuses averted.

— Post From My iPhone



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4 responses to “Excuses. Excuses?

  1. MaryBeth Hughes

    That post brought a smile to my face! It made me feel less guilty about eating too many chocolate chip cookies last night. 🙂

    We all need a to "give in" every now and then!


    frito's are one of the only snacks my mom let me have growing up. i think she thought they were healthy for some reason. so of course, i believed her and don't really love them.

  3. Epic Fitness

    Well if you consider Frito's cheating I am really sad to say when I go overboard it is usually a lot worse than that. But good luck on coming back to the world of healthy eating.

  4. Emily

    Epic fitness- I hope that this post didn't sound like I was dissapointed that I "cheated". I'm not on a diet so it is
    impossible for me to cheat. I wrote this post mainly to show that I'm not perfect and that I eat chips from time to time just like everyone else. The only dissapointment that I had was that I would have rather had a great cheese instead!

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