August Cheese Tray: Goat Trio

My favorite cheese? Now you know I can’t really decide that. But goat cheese is certainly up there on the list for me. So for my August Cheese Tray, in honor of August being Goat Cheese Month, I have decided to do a Goat Cheese Trio.

Snofrisk: A new one for me – it is 80% goat, 20% cow and is a spreadable cheese. Kind of reminds me of cream cheese but far tastier. It was SO good on a Hemp Bagel.

Aged Goat Gouda: How did I not know this existed until now? I mean, I honestly do not know how I’ve lived without this  – this is like combining my two favorites into one fabulous cheese! Life begins after you try this cheese.

Belgian Goat Cheese with Honey: Always a great treat, I want to find a way to make this dessert. Served with fresh strawberries perhaps? So creamy with the perfect hint of sweetness!

Do you have a favorite cheese?


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2 responses to “August Cheese Tray: Goat Trio

  1. Dan

    My favorite is an aged French Comte.

  2. Paige@ Running Around Normal

    I looove goat cheese! I really like poignant cheese like feta or gouda though.

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