In honor of The Julia herself (it is her birthday after all), I wanted to dabble in a little cuisine de Francais. My choice cuisine? What better than a tart? I found a recipe in the August issue of Bon Appetit and when there is baking involved I’ve learned an important lesson: Always, ALWAYS follow the directions. Exactly. And since that doesn’t really work for me and not to mention that I don’t have a tart pan, I thought I would use puff pastry instead. (I’m just being realistic with myself folks) I did have an issue with puff pastry in the past (my friend Marie’s Shower) so I will admit, I was hoping that with proper prep and knowledge I could make a tart that would maybe, just maybe turn out.

Here is the Onion, Anchovy & Kalamata olive tart. (With a corner without olives for the taster) I kind of decided after trying this that I don’t like anchovies (which was a total bummer because the flavor was all over)

With a side of balsamic portobella mushrooms.

A Tomato Tart with Asiago shavings – my favorite for the night!
Happy Birthday Julia Child!!!!!


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3 responses to “Julia

  1. Holly

    holy tomato tart with asiago – that looks so gooooood! yay julie – just saw the movie and LOVED it!

  2. She-Fit

    Awh, I had no idea that it was her birthday! Happy Birthday Julia

  3. tbhartmann

    I was told that this was an excellent blog site by none other than DJD!! Love it,

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