Friday Nights & Frozen Pizzas

Sometimes a girl’s just got to have frozen pizza. A Nutritionist eating frozen pizza? I think so!
This however, was not your average frozen pizza. This was a Mushroom & Truffle Pizza from Trader Joe’s – oh so enjoyable with some wine and a Friday night at home. Does it get any better than pizza and wine?

What is your idea of the perfect night at home? Mine always seems to change depending on mood – sometimes cooking a fabulous meal, sometimes as easy as putting a pizza in the oven!


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4 responses to “Friday Nights & Frozen Pizzas

  1. Holly

    mushroom and truffle pizza from TJ's? why haven't i seen that?!?!?! have a good weekend!

  2. Cafe Cyan

    You ask this at the perfect time as I'm spending the night alone tonight and I'm so excited!! <—-big geek!

    A great night alone usually consists of Law and Order or some crime show and a marathon of online games (hidden object ones are my favorite).

    Food wise…I usually just pick at whatever I have in the fridge…crackers here, cheese there, etc.


    holy moley – i have NOT seen that at my trader joe's!

  4. Emily

    Holly & Actors Diet – seriously look for this pizza – It was so goooooooood!!

    Cafe Cyan – That sounds exactly like my last Friday!!! And I loved EVERY second of it!!!!

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