Seven Steakhouse

I had very high expectations for Seven Steakhouse. Unfortunately, it did not quite live up to them. I’m certainly not saying it was awful – the taster ordered an awesome steak that was absolutely delightful. The meat was perfect, done to perfection and the honey bourbon sauce with crab was the icing on the cake…or the steak I should say! I didn’t post any pictures because, let’s be real, meat is not very pretty.
Onto the other eats:
Beef Carpaccio arugula, parmigiano reggiano, extra virgin olive oil & sea salt

This was pretty good, I think the arugula was my favorite part though! A fun dish to try for sure!
Spicy Tuna Roll tuna, chili, oil, japanese mayo, leaf lettuce, kaiware, avocado & asparagus

Usually spicy tuna rolls are some of my favorites! This one just wasn’t very spicy and/or flavorful so I was a little disappointed. Probably not the best place to get sushi, but they had a whole sushi menu so I thought I was set… and WHY does no place in Minneapolis use brown rice?!?! If anyone knows of sushi with brown rice in Minneapolis PLEASE fill me in!

Sashimi Salad sashimi over seaweed and cucumber salad

This salad was a nice break from the white rice rolls but I think I was expecting the seaweed salad to be a lot more flavorful than it was. It actually came out without the seaweed salad initially so I sent it back because that was half of the reason why this salad sounded good to me. As for the cucumbers? They were no where to be found. It was however beautifully presented and obviously very healthy – I just needed a little more flavor!

The service? Meh. That is what really did it for me. All around service was nothing impressive and when the food is pricey I definitely expect exceptional service.

Would I go back? Not immediately, but I would certainly give it another shot. They have a nice roof-top patio which is always fun and it is in walking distance from the apt – just go for the steak, not the sushi.

Question for you: When you have a not-so-great experience at a restaurant do you ever go back?



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6 responses to “Seven Steakhouse


    i hate it when i have high expectations for a place and it doesn't deliver. if the place isn't too expensive, i usually give it another shot – but not for a long while….

  2. Lori

    You know, I had never been exposed to Carpaccio until we moved to Brazil. We have friends here who eat it all the time. It's just not my thing, but the spicy tuna roll is an entirely different story. Sorry to hear about the mediocre experience. I guess if it wasn't for those we wouldn't appreciate the really good ones, right? Still frustrating though!

  3. Brian in Mpls

    Did you go up to the roof top and say hi to big pimping?

    Even if the food is good if the service is bad I will not go back I can make good food at home without the service up charge…on the flip side I have gone back to several marginally good food places because the service is so good.

  4. Cafe Cyan

    I've been lucky and had several great experiences at Seven including awesome sushi/sashimi (hello super white tuna!)

    I think I usually give restaurants another shot, but only if I'm not going out of my way to do so. Life is too short and there are too many restaurants!

  5. Emily

    Cafe Cyan – I'm actually very relieved to hear that! Thanks for letting me know!

  6. Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write

    I have had terrible service before and did go back. I'll go back atleast once, but if it sucks again, then I'm over it.

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