mastering the art of: eggs

I love it when Sunday mornings start like this – some yoga already under my belt, coffee with a quiet city and some sunshine!

This particular Sunday I decided to make some eggs. Not any eggs, the way eggs are meant to be…
I love eggs – pretty much any way they come, I’ll take ’em! (I do draw the line at Organic and Cage-Free though!) But I had yet to really master the preparation – real preparation. You know, Half & Half, butter, etc? I usually just pan-fry or poach and don’t get me wrong I love my eggs these ways too but I always like to try new things! I had caught Ina on the Food Network making some eggs so this is what I’m basing it off of. Hey, it could be worse, my Grandmother Leola used to fry eggs in the bacon grease! 🙂

I turned the burner between 2-3 and then put a pat of butter to melt in the pan (no Pam in these eggs!) I then poured the eggs (2 beat with 1 Tbsp Half & Half) into the pan and slowly, slowly stirred.

Then when they are just about done, add another pat of butter to “stop the cooking” as Ina said…or “make them taste even better?!?!” Whatever the reason, it worked for me. These were honestly the best eggs I have ever had! So creamy (obviously) and I couldn’t get a great picture, but I had to give up – I wasn’t about to sacrifice these eggs for the sake of a picture!
This was definitely a very rich breakfast (I also added some bacon into the mix) and I certainly wouldn’t have it on a daily basis but when I added the calories of the eggs and bacon the calorie count was about 500. Not bad for a totally indulgent, satisfying, special breakfast.



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7 responses to “mastering the art of: eggs

  1. Lainie

    Hello! I just found your website and I love it. I'm a dietetics student and am interested in learning all aspects – I don't know much about the holistic side, but I'm intrigued. Anyway, glad I found your site – can't wait to read more!~


    wow those eggs look perrrrfect!

  3. MaryBeth Hughes

    what a great pic of mpls! i may have to request those eggs this weekend. 🙂

  4. Emily

    Lainie – thanks! so glad you stopped by!

    MaryBeth – I would love to make those eggs for you!!!

  5. Mjosephs1980

    I bet those eggs were purchased by a big food company!

  6. Emily

    You know I only buy Organic Eggs Michael!!!!!! (And usually they are from Shultz Farm in Southern Minn) So THERE!!!!! haha!

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