the wicked hop: milwaukee

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, my Mom and I stopped by the Wicked Hop for a bloody mary and some eats. The Wicked Hop is located in the Historic 3rd ward of Milwaukee, a great little neighborhood for shopping and eating!

bloody mary: this really was a meal in a glass: pickle, mushroom, olive, beef stick and crazy little strings of mozzarella. An excellent bloody for sure and has actually been voted one of Milwaukee’s best!

crab cake: these crab cakes were surprisingly full of crab and not full of breading and deep fried like you often find in restaurants. It certainly doesn’t compare to a lump crab cake but very impressive for a bar/restaurant.

caesar salad with tuna: the caesar sounded really good to my mom and so we decided on that with some seared tuna to go along with it. The salad was excellent (fresh & crisp) but I think I could have even done without the tuna, I was content with just the lettuce 🙂 A fabulous meal with my favorite lady!


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3 responses to “the wicked hop: milwaukee

  1. Taylor

    I love crab cakes! And I agree, crab cakes are gross if they are full of all that breading and grease, EW!

  2. Dan

    Sounds and looks like I should have joined you two in Milw.

  3. Lori

    I LOVE Bloody Marys! I have never had one that exciting though! A friend of ours used to always tell us about the ones they used to make in Philly with pepperoni. I've always wanted to try one that had a bit more to it. I like them nice and spicy!

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