Agua de Coco

Nature’s wonder drink!

I was not always a fan of the coconut water, but like all things in life I’ll keep trying them if I think I should or it would be beneficial (it took me about 23 years to finally find my appreciation for olives and now I loooove them!)
Now why is Coconut Water so great? It is full of antioxidants, has way more potassium than bananas (15 times more) and is great at replenishing fluids. There are also rumors that it helps cure hangovers?!?! 🙂 Now let’s be real – I’m not running marathons but I just know that I like it plain, with fruit, cold and often.
Potassium has also been shown to help regulate body fluid levels and reduce levels of stress hormone  (research from the British Journal of Nutrition)

My favorites:
Plain Coconut: O.N.E.
Coconut with Pineapple: Vita Coco (hello Pina colada!)
Give these a try, or maybe a few tries, they will not disappoint!
photo by Life in Asia NZ


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7 responses to “Agua de Coco

  1. She-Fit

    YUM! This sounds great. I love coconut juice!

  2. MaryBeth Hughes

    I've been trying to like coconut water fir a while. I will have to try it with pineapple!

  3. Taylor

    I've tried coconut water before and didn't really like them, but I def. want to try the pineapple one!

  4. Emily

    Try the coconut with the pineapple, it is amazing!!! I think the fruit can help if your not a fan of the plain.

  5. figtree

    Im going out to buy coconut water..Ill be sure to add the pineapple.Figtreeapps

  6. Fitnessista

    O.N.E is my favorite coconut water 😀


    this is the third time today i've heard about coconut water!!!

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