Eating my way through Saturday

Saturday was a good day for me. As you will see below I really did eat my way through the day. We started off with a trip to the Mill City Farmer’s market to do some wandering and get a bite to eat with friends (miss you guys already!). The snack shack is probably some of the best food you will find at a “shack”.  Options are grass-fed beef hotdogs, bison burgers, pork nacho’s and the special of the day….Soft-shell crab sandwiches! This little guy only gave me about 3 bites (I was sharing with the taster) and was SO good! I’m so glad we tried it – I will definitely be back to try out the other options – also really wanted to try a Vanilla-goat ice cream (they had beet too that was a beautiful bright pink color) but it was a cold day in Minneapolis so I will wait until next time!

Not yet ready to go home we decided to head over to Guthrie Theatre for more wandering and good views. Below is an iconic Minneapolis building. Welcome to the land of flour!

Onto Sea Change, the brand new restaurant in the Guthrie Theatre which features sustainable seafood and local food when possible. Chef Tim McKee is a 2009 James Beard winner and certainly knows what he is doing on the seafood front. We tried the Green Curry Mussels and grilled bread which was so good that I’m still dreaming about it. The spice level was perfect so as to not take anything away from the mussels and really how can you go wrong with bread, curry and mussels? This restaurant JUST opened so the website is still under construction but I LOVE the octopus logo and we will be back soon!

Next was the Hawaiian Yellowfin Poke over a sesame seaweed salad. It was beautifully presented and was as delicious as it looks.

There was a sliver of jalapeno on top of each piece which gave a bit of heat. (And you know how I love spice)

Dinner was at Sanctuary, which is a New American Cuisine restaurant with influences from the Mediterranean as well as Japanese flavors. Unfortunately I was having technical difficulties with my camera and so the pictures are awful, but you get the point.
I started with the Canary Melon Tuna Tartar with Harissa sauce. Savory and sweet deliciousness.

A roasted jalapeno caesar with baby reds and green romaine served as my veggies for the night. Loved it. Chef Patrick Atanalian sure comes up with some different combinations but they work and it is definitely an eating experience!
Learnings through the day:
1) Never EVER eat out that many times a day – no excuses 😉
2) This day seems very seafood-heavy but all in all most of it was shared and so it wasn’t THAT much…hehe
3) Try everything and ALWAYS be open to new foods – they can turn out to be fabulous (hello tuna and melon)


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7 responses to “Eating my way through Saturday

  1. Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write

    Wow! That's some serious eating. Looks AMAZING. You def love spice. I couldn't do it.

  2. Brian in Mpls

    I got to get down to the Shack

  3. Lori

    Everything you described sounds amazing. That's what I call a great Saturday! Thanks for sharing all the awesome food!

  4. Cafe Cyan

    I'm too jealous to finish reading your post 😉

  5. Emily

    I'm glad you guys enjoyed, I must admit, I was a little embarrassed that all 3 meals were eaten out that day….and it didn't even really dawn on me until I was writing it, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing?!?!?

  6. Danielle

    Really?! I'd love to eat out every meal 😉 ha. It looks delicious!

  7. Holly

    can you believe I have never been to the Mill City Farmer's Market? eek! i feel bad just saying that!

    i'm loving up on all that Mpls love – happy Tuesday 🙂

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