An Entertaining Evening

As I was reading an article in the most recent Gourmet, it occurred to me. I was meant to live in the 50’s, host fabulous cocktail parties – complete with a too-cute dress, apron and heels – a dirty martini in one hand and a tray of hors devours  in the other…and while this sounds great to me in theory it didn’t take me too long to realize I would be forced to live without things like my iphone, laptop, blogs etc so I quickly got back to reality. But it is true, there is nothing I like more than having friends over for some cocktails and hors devours.

Here are some of the snacks I made last week:
Roasted & Marinated Heirloom Tomatoes
Eggplant Caponata with Olives & Leek Goat Cheese (amazing)
Italian Meat & Cheese Tray: Marinated fresh Mozzerella, Truffled Italian Cheese & Herb Encrusted Salami
Roasted Red Pepper & Artichoke Dip and veggies
Everything all together….


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7 responses to “An Entertaining Evening

  1. Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write

    Yum! (I think I was meant to live in another time, too… Sigh…)

    When I first opened your page, I thought your tomatoes were MMs. I thought it was a tray of MMs… lol

  2. Holly

    ooohhh girl that all looks sooo amazing – i love a good wine/cheese party like this. and those heirloom tomatoes? GORGEOUS!


    Beautiful! I love entertaining (and being entertained)

  4. Lori

    I love entertaining too! I can't wait to host my first party once we are back in the US. We have friends over in Brazil, but it just isn't the same. The party culture is too different and a standing, mingling cocktail party is not really an option where we area. I miss them!

    Have you read Something From the Oven? I had that should-have-lived-a-long-time-ago feeling when I read that book.

  5. Anonymous

    And how lovely it all was! You and the taster are such great hosts! -Anna

  6. Emily

    Mrs. Meyers – lol, that is so funny, i love that you thought they were m&m's!!!!

    Holly – thank you so much! most of it was delicious, the tomatoes are amazing!!

    The Actor's Diet – I know, entertaining is SO great!

    Lori – That is too bad that Brazil is so different, you will be back soon though, right? I will have to read that book! I'll put it on my list!

    Anna – So glad that you enjoyed! I look forward to many more evenings 🙂

  7. MaryBeth Hughes

    it all looks beautiful and of course healthy — can't wait to be party of one of you parties soon!

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