the best endeavor yet

The summer’s bring a time of farmers markets, sitting on the balcony outside, herb gardens…and not an extra minute to enjoy it!  (Although I would NEVER complain about it!!! ha!) Five years ago I started working with a weight-loss camp for kids along with my parents and now because I have a full-time job I just go to help out on the weekends. This year I will be teaching the kids how to cook (which I’m so excited about!) and this weekend we will be attempting the Springrolls so I’m hoping that it goes well!

At Camp Endeavor we strive to introduce the kids to new and different foods as well as “whole” foods that they may not be accustomed to at home. Nothing makes me happier than kids learning that healthy foods really do taste great. I’m looking forward to a great month, this just may be “the best endeavor yet” – Summer 2009.


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3 responses to “the best endeavor yet

  1. Mrs. Myers @ Eat Move Write

    Wow. If I were nearby, I'd totally volunteer. I was a very heavy child, so its a cause near and dear to my heart. Have fun cooking with the kids!

  2. Cafe Cyan

    That's so cool! Good for you. I think the springrolls are a great idea.

    Good luck with everything, Emily!

  3. MaryBeth Hughes

    Emily the camp's website is great! Who did you use?

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