Eating Experiment: Part 2

So far so good! I didn’t make it home Sunday for dinner so I am actually down to 2 dinners, 3 lunches (out of the office tomorrow) and 4 breakfasts. I know it doesn’t seem like that many meals and considering that I already have some of the ingredients for 1 of the dinners I do kind of feel like I’m cheating…
Anyway, the taster was a dear and actually went to the store for me since I was out of town (which also could have helped to only get the necessities) but the grand total was… $30.44!!! Yay!
My budget meal last night was a curried quinoa salad that was inspired by the Salad Girl dressings- Curry & Fig that I tried last week.

– red inca quinoa
– garbanzo beans
– 1/2 chopped cucumber
– 1 chopped green pepper
– chopped red onions
– 2 Tbsp salad girl curry & fig dressing
– 2 Tbsp olive oil
– splash of hot sauce
– salt and pepper
Served over greens and an extra dose of hot sauce for me, it was perfect for a HOT, muggy, summer night!



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5 responses to “Eating Experiment: Part 2

  1. Mrs. Myers

    Curry and FIG?! Oh my deliciousness, where do I get this?!


    I love Red Quinoa – makes everything so pretty!

  3. Emily

    Mrs. Myers – The curry & fig dressing comes from a Minnesota company that might not be nation-wide yet. It is called Salad Girl dressings and they have some great flavors!

  4. Lori

    The curry and fig dressings sounds wonderful. I haven't tried red quinoa yet. I need to brush up on my education about the different varieties.

  5. Heather

    Where did you find the red quinoa? I live in Minneapolis and have a hard time finding that kind of stuff. Thanks!

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