Adventures in Spring Rolls

I must admit, the thought of making Spring Rolls was a bit daunting and I never even imagined that it was possible! That is until I came across a cooking lesson for kids, making what else but Spring Rolls! They were surprisingly easy to make and I will be making these again and again – I think they will be a fun snack to bring to parties as well as teaching the kids at camp. (I start my summer very part-time work this week at a weight-loss camp for kids, so if the recipes seem rather juvenile in the next few weeks I apologize, I have many recipes to test out!) Let’s get onto the rolls!
Here are the “stuffing” ingredients: I had romaine lettuce, pea shoots, cilantro, basil, carrots, cucumbers, radishes and rice noodles.

Here is the taster making a roll.  You literally fill (but not too full) the rice wrappers with the ingredients and roll like a burrito!
The wrappers are soaked briefly in water to soften them up and then ready to be filled.
Here are the finished goods, looking much better than expected. I made a spicy peanut-sauce to go along with them that consisted of peanut butter, lime juice, red chili sauce, garlic and ginger. The perfect spicy ending to a refreshing roll.


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3 responses to “Adventures in Spring Rolls

  1. Hayley Sunshine



    Okay, I'm feeling inspired…I have a package of rice paper wrappers sitting in my cupboard from after I bought them when I went to Vietnam (during X-mas!)

  3. Emily

    You should use them! I was so shocked/pleased at how easy they were to use, I had no idea!

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