Eating Experiment

As my grocery trips have started getting more and more expensive I wondered how I could reign it in a bit – I know people do this all the time – my parent’s called it an “austerity program” and I didn’t even have the slightest clue on how to spell that, so that tells you how many “austerity programs” I’ve been on in my adult life.  😦  Sorry Dad, I really am trying this time!!!

My problem? I LOVE the grocery store, high-quality, organic food, trying the newest and greatest foods, and oh yes, my love of expensive cheese. So, could I possibly spend $50 a week on breakfast and lunch (for myself) and dinner for two? I will start off easy (Sunday night – Thursday night) so 4 breakfasts, lunches and dinners (only 4 days because I’m at camp on the weekends) and I’m cheating a bit because I already some dinner ingredients that I didn’t use this week. So I’ll aim for $40!
I would love any grocery store budget tips if you have them!


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2 responses to “Eating Experiment

  1. The Actors Diet

    That's a difficult task….I go to different grocery stores for different items – farmers markets for my produce, Trader Joe's for dry goods, grocery store for everything else….

  2. MaryBeth Hughes

    i am so glad you are taking this challenge on! it hasn't been too hard to budget for me given the lack of quality product and stores in the area. however i did go to whole foods while in mke and spent a good chunck of my pay check there — it felt so good!

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