Green Monster Smoothie: Parts Two & Three

The second try of the beloved Green Monster smoothie went much better than my first try.
With the addition of frozen peaches and brown rice protein powder it turned out to be a much nicer color than the first edition but still not the vibrant green that I had seen.
Taste? Delicious!

Well they say the third time is a charm and that definitely was the case for me and my quest to find the perfect Green Monster smoothie.
I finally had almond milk and used fresh spinach on this one which I think helped add to the fabulous color!
Frozen banana, almond milk, fresh spinach, Naked’s Green Machine and hemp protein & fiber powder.

This was by far the best-tasting and is the winning combo – I will of course keep trying new flavors to keep it fresh but I will be making this recipe again very soon!


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5 responses to “Green Monster Smoothie: Parts Two & Three

  1. Cafe Cyan

    I want to buy a protein powder, but don't even know where to start! I have hemp protein powder, but I was thinking along the lines of rice protein powder. Any suggestions?

  2. Cafe Cyan

    Another question: Am I better off spending my money on a protein powder or just adding peanut or almond butter to my smoothies?

  3. Emily

    Cafe Cyan – I think peanut/almond butter is great to add to smoothies – I like powder sometimes to add a little variety and I'm kind of weird about some of my smoothie combinations (for some reason spinach, strawberries and almond butter doesn't grab me – I should try it though, it would probably be great!) I know that Sun Warrior makes a good Brown Rice Protein powder (but I have yet to find that in the TC, so let me know if you do) and I have tried the NutriBiotic brand (available at the local co-op's and wfm) – I did make a delicious smoothie with chocolate brown rice protein, banana, almond milk and some almond butter. That was amazing! Protein powders are pretty pricey up-front, but they seem to last forever. Let me know if you have any luck or come up with a new great smoothie idea!!

  4. Cafe Cyan

    Thanks! I'll see what I can come across in the world of protein powders.

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