Farmer’s Market Finds:

The first trip to the farmer’s market of the season is one that makes me a little nervous – will they have any vegetables? (there were freezing temperatures a little over a month ago).  My first trip unfortunately was a cold and rainy day so I didn’t really spend too much time but I did manage to find a few veggies and enjoy some hot coffee 😉
I picked up some radishes, asparagus and arugula and turned them into an amazing Saturday night dinner.
The farmer’s market is one of my favorite parts of the summer and I’m looking forward to many more visits in the months to come!


Filed under eating local, farmers market, great meals, raw foods, salad, vegetables, whole foods

4 responses to “Farmer’s Market Finds:

  1. Brian in Mpls

    I am seeing a theme in your pictures…lol

  2. Anonymous


  3. Emily

    Haha, I am going to block you!!! Jk. It's nature,nothing I can do about it!

  4. FitFoodie

    Looks good…I love fresh asparagus 🙂

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